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With Naturopathy, we treat the source, not the symptom.


That means identifying the true source of the problem and choosing appropriate therapies to restore normal function. This requires listening to your history and a physical exam to identify the starting points for therapy. The body is designed to adapt to stresses and exposures. It does so quite well until it is overwhelmed and normal function is blocked. Then, often the problem  becomes chronic and may cause other domino effects. Your vitality becomes diminished, and your ability to adapt to further stresses also decreases. There may be little awareness that there is even a problem until the effects build-up to a point that causes a symptom or symptoms.


Treatments are individually chosen and applied to remove toxins, pathogens, and chronic imbalances to restore normal function and vitality. When this point is reached, through various therapies and education regarding lifestyle and choices, your vitality and wellness returns. This is the healing power of nature.


Choosing a naturopath to work with closely that understands the concept of wholism, looking at the entire system (physical, emotional, spiritual), and individualizing therapies is the key to recovery. This is much like peeling the layers of an onion. It requires education to separate from the concept of treating symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for treating symptoms, and western medicine (ie medications, surgery) are often necessary when the disease process is too disruptive or life threatening.


You can compare this approach to tuning up your car or a musical instrument. The body has an energetic resonance that can be measured and attuned. That is the intention of my approach.

To find our more about naturopathic treatments, please contact my office at the number listed below.

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